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StoneEagle Partners with OneTen to Drive Economic Prosperity for Black Talent in the United States

StoneEagle forms strategic partnership with nation’s leading coalition committed to hiring and advancing Black Americans without four-year degrees in the next decade.

RICHARDSON, TX. July 13, 2023 — StoneEagle F&I, Inc. (StoneEagle), a leading provider of innovative software and data solutions to the retail automotive industry and beyond, today announced that they have joined forces with OneTen, a coalition designed to close the opportunity gap for Black talent in the United States by working with America’s leading executives, companies and talent developers to hire and advance one million Black Americans without four-year degrees into family-sustaining roles.

StoneEagle joins more than 70 companies and 100 talent developers that have committed to significantly increase the hiring of Black talent without four-year college degrees into family-sustaining jobs by improving their hiring, retention, upskilling and advancement practices to support a more diverse workforce and advance economic prosperity for all.

​​​“We're really excited to be part of OneTen," said StoneEagle CEO Cindy Allen. “Its mission aligns perfectly with our core values and decision making as a company. We often talk about the fact that what we do today is what will ‘Create the Future,’ and more than anything we want to see a future where inequalities impacting Black talent are a thing of the past. This partnership is part of our contribution toward that future.”

This partnership is more important than ever. As of 2021, a family sustaining wage ranges between $58K – $90K and above depending on a person’s location. The racial opportunity gap in America remains vast, largely due to the lack of access to quality, well-paying jobs that do not require college degrees: 79% of jobs paying more than $50,000 require a four-year college degree, which automatically excludes the 76% of Black talent over age 25 with relevant experience who don’t have baccalaureate degrees. In an economy where Black people only own ​​​​2.9% of America’s wealth while accounting for 15.6% of the U.S. population, harnessing multi-stakeholder partnerships is vital to spearheading diversity and fostering pathways to earned success.

StoneEagle and OneTen plan to empower and support the need for a diverse workforce through placement of Black talent into jobs that companies sorely need as the war for talent continues. By addressing unmet business needs, helping candidates find fulfilling employment and allowing more individuals to transition into careers with family-sustaining wages, inclusive work culture is within reach.

About StoneEagle

StoneEagle provides innovative software and solutions to the retail automotive industry and beyond. Founded over 35 years ago, StoneEagle’s industry-leading F&I and Service metrics reporting, menu sales tool, F&I product administration platform, and data solutions make it possible for users across every facet of the F&I value chain to drive performance, improve efficiency and increase profitability. StoneEagle's solutions meet the needs of over 7,200 retail auto dealerships, as well as general agencies, F&I product providers, and OEM’s throughout North America.

About OneTen

​​Founded in 2020, OneTen is a coalition of leading chief executives and their companies who are coming together to upskill, hire and promote one million Black individuals who do not yet have a four-year degree into family-sustaining jobs with opportunities for advancement over ten years. OneTen connects employers with talent developers and other skill-credentialing organizations, leading nonprofits and community-based partners who support the development of diverse talent. By creating more equitable and inclusive workforces, we believe we can reach our full potential as a nation of united citizens. OneTen recognizes the unique potential in everyone – every individual, every business, every community – to change the arc of America's story with Black talent. Join us at, where one can be the difference.


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Director of Marketing




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