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StoneEagle Introduces Innovative GAP Claims Portal to Enhance the Customer Experience

RICHARDSON, Texas, Jan. 31, 2024 -- StoneEagle, a leading provider of innovative software and solutions to the automotive industry, proudly unveils its latest product – the GAP Claims Portal. This customer-facing tool is meticulously designed to offer Contract holders a faster, simpler, and more efficient solution, addressing the complexities and delays associated with traditional insurance claims processes.

The traditional insurance claims process can often be a cumbersome journey, leading to stress and financial strain for car owners. Recognizing this challenge, StoneEagle's Gap Claims Portal has been designed to optimize the process. Our goal is to save you and your customers time and energy, leading to increased satisfaction and decreased overhead.

Key Features of the GAP Claims Portal:

  • Online Claim Filing: Contract holders can initiate the process directly from their web browser, via practically any device with an internet connection.

  • Document Management: All required documents can be attached and assembled in one place via the web interface, providing customers with a clear view of their requirements and a definitive list of what they must submit to support their claim. No more faxing, emailing, and other slow, unreliable submission methods.

  • Status Updates: Contract holders can use the portal to track the status of their claim without the need to call in to your representatives, greatly reducing call time. Any decision or documents you need to provide are made available to them directly through the portal.

The GAP Claims Portal is compatible with all StoneEagle administration platforms and makes an excellent upgrade to any GAP Claims process.

"StoneEagle has often heard about the challenges that the claims process presents, from document management issues to the difficulties that high call volume presents. Our GAP Claims Portal makes clear StoneEagle's commitment to providing a solution that is not only faster and more efficient but also aligned with industry best practices and regulatory requirements. This ensures that both your company and your contract holders receive the experience they deserve," said Damar Christopher, Chief Operating Officer at StoneEagle.

To learn more about the GAP Claims Portal, please contact for a personalized demo from one of our service and support experts.

About StoneEagle

StoneEagle provides innovative software and solutions to the retail automotive industry and beyond. Founded over 35 years ago, StoneEagle's industry-leading F&I and Service metrics reporting, menu sales tool, F&I product administration platform, and data solutions make it possible for users across every facet of the F&I value chain to drive performance, improve efficiency and increase profitability. StoneEagle's solutions meet the needs of over 7,200 retail auto dealerships, as well as general agencies, F&I product providers, and OEM's throughout North America.

Media Contacts:

Blake Herrera

Director of Marketing




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