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Reliable. Flexible. Scalable.


Powerful, Cloud-Based Administration

Our platform is designed and developed by experts with decades of industry experience. We know what you need and it's our job to make sure you have it.

With StoneEagleADMIN, you get to focus on what's important to your bottom line rather than wasting time learning complicated software.

Flexible F&I Product Administration

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Modern Solution

Scalable, cloud-based architecture that empowers you to identify and respond to new industry demands.

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Increased Productivity

Robust rules engine creating significant efficiencies with powerful eRating, eContracting, and eRemittance capabilities.

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One Platform - All Products

Flexible product configuration to quickly brand, expand, or update multiple F&I product lines.


Real Time Integrations

Integrations with industry leaders in parts, inspection companies, and industry Partners.

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