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What is StoneEagle®?

Innovative solutions and legendary customer service are in our DNA and that can be seen in how we enhance every area of our client’s businesses. We thrive on solving challenges that cause friction in the process of delivering exceptional products and client experiences. Our story is one of industry-leading “firsts”, delivering paradigm shifts, driving disruptive innovation, and setting a new standard, time and time again. All geared toward driving clients’ performance.

We cultivate a culture of vision and purpose, creating an atmosphere of innovation and discovery for each team member to embrace. Our values guide the behaviors and decisions of our team on a daily basis.


Our purpose is to provide ecosystems that enrich the lives of our customers, a.k.a. "Making Lives Better". We deliver solutions that solve our customer’s greatest challenges. And we do it through a Constant Pursuit of WOW!, a drive to Just Own It, a dedication to truly Cultivating Trusted Partnerships, completely based on Integrity and rooted in Embracing the Family Spirit.


Our Executive Team


Brent Allen,



Cindy Allen,

Chief Executive Officer

gary peek.png

Gary Peek,

Chief Technology Officer


Damar Christopher,

Chief Operating Officer


Kathy Burns,

Chief Customer Officer


Colin Snyder,
General Manager


Our Core Values

StoneEagle is a values-driven organization. Our Core Values are what define us and what makes it possible to consistently meet and exceed client expectations.

Core Value_Integrity.jpg


Model Integrity & Earn Trust

Follows through on all commitments and shares ideas and concerns. Is open, honest and appropriate in all communication; manages conflict appropriately. Builds teamwork by collaborating and supports leadership decisions.

Core Value_Courage.jpg


Embody courage & resilience

Inspires perseverance, hope and optimism.  Willing to fail forward, learn and adapt.  Speaks up when they have a difference of opinion.  Works through challenges and is flexible to change. Reinterprets "failure" as learning.

Core Value_WOW.jpg


Deliver WOW experiences

Exceeds expectations.  Adapts quickly to changing needs. Is constantly "fine tuning" what is most useful.  Anticipates and proactively meets needs.  

Core Value_Awesome.jpg


Excelerate awesome

Delivers quality with speed and agility.  Sets the bar high for excellence in all that they do.  Acts like an owner and works to achieve individual, department and company goals. Fully accountable themselves and appropriately holds others accountable.

Core Value_Future.jpg


Create the future

Drives personal growth and innovation.  Looks for ways to continuously improve.  When identifies a problem, also identifies potential solutions; constantly looks for ways to turn “good enough” into “even better.”

Core Value_One.jpg

One Culture

Build a culture of one

Enhances the existing culture and makes it better. Is respectful, inclusive and kind.  Is a proud brand ambassador and delivers on our brand promise in a powerful way.  Is passionately engaged with their work.  

The History of StoneEagle

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