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Does your store need to increase its "Fixed Right the First Time" scores?

The answer from most retail automotive dealerships today is, "Yes"! Pencilwrench has researched this concern extensively and has created its new Complaints feature to specifically target this issue. With the Complaints feature, Service Advisors and BDC agents are led through an easy, step-by-step menu process to ensure that all areas of concern for each customer are addressed correctly the first time. This reduces the amount of time spent on Service Lane writeups while improving the consistency of those writeups. It assures that technicians have a complete understanding of the customer's concern, and increases the likelihood of replicating complicated service issues. This, in turn, increases the confidence customers have in your dealership’s team, and results in improved overall customer satisfaction.


With Pencilwrench's Complaints feature, your BDC and Service Advisors, regardless of automotive background experience become immediate skilled professionals. They are able to capture the exact area of customer concern every time. Multiple areas of concern can be captured for a single service appointment instead of having to schedule individual appointments for each item. This streamlines the service process for both employees and customers at your dealership. 


Decrease the chances of customer miscommunication during service appointment scheduling with Pencilwrench's new Complaints feature. Get started today with a demo from our team!



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