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Dynamic. Robust. Intelligent.


You can't Manage what you can't Measure

You need confidence that your decisions are based on the most current, most accurate, and most relevant information. That's where StoneEagle® comes in.

Nobody can match StoneEagle®METRICS when it comes to automotive analytics, and we've got years of real-world results to prove it.

It's Your Data. Make It Work For You.


Actionable Insights

Proven reports and dashboards tracking the KPI that affect your profitability.

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Missed Opportunities

Quickly check which customers failed to purchase a Service Contract for easy followup.


Better Performance

Instant analysis of incomes, averages, F&I product penetration, and more from individual personnel up to entire dealership groups.


Certified DMS Integration

Certified integrations with all major DMS providers ensure that your data is current and accurate.

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