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Stay Safe! There are bigger threats than Nigerian princes these days.

Who hasn't gotten fed up with changing their passwords every 30 days, keeping unique passwords for every site, or needing to pull out your phone to sign in to every service? It's a lot of work, and what are the chances that you, of all the people on the internet, will be the one in danger, right?

Sadly, pretty much everybody is a target these days and it only takes one person's mistake to affect loads of other people. Case in point - even security experts like Okta experience vulnerabilties!

Following the discovery of a breach on September 28, Okta has released an RCA on November 3, as well as an update on November 20. While no user credentials or sensitive personal data was disclosed, this is an excellent reminder that there's no better time to update your security practices.

Here's a quick word from our StoneEagle Security Team, including a useful link to best practices you may find informative:



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