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Join StoneEagle at

Agent Summit 2024

April 15-18 | Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

We'll be at Agent Summit 2024 to talk to you about the latest and greatest product innovations we're making available! Schedule a meeting or demo today!


Innovative solutions at your fingertips.


Simple. Fast. Effective.

Everything you need, nothing superfluous to distract you or your customers from the sale. No other menu on the market today can match StoneEagleMENU for its simplicity, configurability, and ease of use.

Menu Computer.png

Fast. Simple. Flexible.

You can't Manage what you can't Measure.

You need confidence that your decisions are based on the most current, most accurate, and most relevant information. That's where StoneEagle comes in.

Nobody else can match StoneEagleMETRICS when it comes to automotive analytics, and we've got years of real-world results to prove it.


Performance. Growth. Profit.

StoneEagle's powerful, cloud-based administration platform is designed by experts with decades of industry experience. We know what you need and it's our job to make sure you have it.


With StoneEagleADMIN, you get to focus on what's important to your bottom line rather than wasting time learning complicated software. Our intuitive interface makes it simple to manage all aspects of F&I product administration, from automotive to watercraft, and is proven to reduce your operational costs.


Chris Howell


"We are very satisfied with the simplicity and accuracy of StoneEagleMETRICS. It enables our team to quickly analyze F&I performance and production across our client dealers with a few simple clicks. We value our long-standing partnership with StoneEagle and appreciate their ongoing commitment to delivering superior customer service."
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