StoneEagle People Promotions

The StoneEagle team is constantly growing, evolving, and gaining new capabilities. We thought it would be a good idea to let you hear all about what’s been going on! From promotions and certifications to bringing on new team members, we want you to hear all about the exciting moves going on with our team.


Today we’re focusing on the slew of internal promotions that we’ve been experiencing. We’re always looking to be the best in the business and we’re thankful to have the opportunity to focus on promoting from within!


Leithia Warren was promoted to Vice President of People. Leithia started with StoneEagle as an HR Generalist and quickly advanced to this new position where she touches every single one of the 100+ members of the StoneEagle team. Congratulations, Leithia!


Blake Herrera was promoted to Director of Executive & Marketing Operations. Previously Blake was the Sr. Executive Coordinator to StoneEagle’s CEO, Cindy Allen. While he still plays a big role in managing the day-to-day operations of the CEO and Executive Team, he now plays an even bigger role in the Marketing Department. Keep up the great work, Blake!


John Day was promoted to Director of Retail Sales. Prior to his promotion John was an Account Manager on the Retail Team. His new role has him taking the lead more than ever before under the leadership of Joe St. John, SVP Business Development. Way to go, John!


Kane Wrench was promoted to Manager of Retail Sales. Before the promotion, Kane excelled as an Account Manager on the Retail team. Nice job, Kane!


Jessie Green was promoted to Director of Software Engineering. Before his promotion, Jessie joined the StoneEagle team as Development Manager for the StoneEagleADMIN platform. Awesome work, Jessie!


Austin Greenfield was promoted to Development Manager for the StoneEagleADMIN platform. Before being promoted, Austin was a Solutions Architect on the Architecture team. Kudos, Austin!


John Rizzo was promoted to Manager, Product Design. Before the promotion John was one of our UX designers. Looking good, John!


Kristi Duke was promoted to Manager, Product Management – Enterprise. Kristi was previously one of our Product Managers. Congratulations, Kristi! 


Congratulations to you all! You’ve all worked so hard for this next step at StoneEagle. Keep up the great work and we can’t wait to see what you do next!


Do you thrive in an environment that lets you take the initiative? Do you LOVE making connections with great people? Is working under expert leaders as part of an incredible team something you find interesting? If so, check out our open positions!


About StoneEagle

StoneEagle provides innovative solutions and legendary customer service to the retail automotive industry. Founded over 30 years ago, StoneEagle provides industry-leading Metrics reporting, Menu sales tool and F&I product administration solutions make it possible for users across every facet of the F&I value chain to drive performance, improve efficiency and increase profitability. StoneEagle solutions meet the needs of thousands of dealerships, general agencies, F&I product providers and OEM’s throughout North America.