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Variable OPs Analytics and Reporting

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Instant Access to Critical Dealership Analytics

SEcureMetrics F&I is the most comprehensive and user-friendly reporting solution in the retail automotive industry. Leveraging Certified DMS integration, SEcureMetrics F&I provides instant access to overall dealership performance and statistics.



Interactive Reporting


Goal and KPI Tracking


Scheduled Reporting


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Certified DMS Integration

SEcureMetrics F&I is easy to use and delivers comprehensive Finance and Insurance reporting that allows our team to make quick income development decisions with our dealer partners. Our dealers have become so accustomed to the quality and accuracy of the reporting provided by StoneEagle that some run their multi-store groups from the reports, while others use the information to pay their people. We truly appreciate our partnership with StoneEagle and their commitment to providing excellent support.

- Peter Salerno, ProMark F&I Services

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