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Our integration and innovation platform.


The Marketplace Partners


Accurate Mechanical Inspections

Web-based inspection management system.


ACH Payment App by I-3 Infinity, LLC (Dynapay)

Provides ACH payment to dealerships.


Auto Capture

Virtual Inspections.

Budco Financial.png

Budco Financial Payment Plan by Budco Financial Services LLC

End users (Sellers) can initiate payment plan agreements for consumers.  Consumer can then manage the payment plan account.

Carzlane.jpg e-commerce site by Carzlane LLC DBA Carflys

Vehicle and aftermarket plan purchases.

Carr Appraisal Inc..gif

Carr Appraisals by Carr Appraisals, Inc.

VSC Inspection requests.

Alacrity Solutions.jpg

Centro Inspection by Alacrity

Inspection company.


iDVI by Software Status Solutions, Inc (autoflow)

Claim adjusters will use iDVI to by-pass the need to send out a third -party inspector to the repair facility (dealer). The adjuster sends a link via email or text to the mobile device of the technician which opens up iDVI application via browser where predefined instructions guide them to capture actionable pictures, videos, etc to verify coverage and adjudicate the claim.

MCI Inspections.png

Inspections by MCI Inspections, Inc.

Inspection company.

Verity Inspections.png

Inspections by Verity Services, LLC

Inspection company.


Lemon Squad by Wrench, Inc.

Mechanical Inspections.

Mepco (EB).png

Mepco Web Portal by SING For Service, LLC

End users can log in to our Mepco portal to submit dealer contracts, view status. Customers can then login to web portal to view contracts, make payments.

Lender Compliance Tech..jpg

Refund Control by Lender Compliance Technologies

Lenders will use Refund Control to monitor and track product cancellations.


SPP by Service Payment Plan, Inc.

Allow customers to purchase F&I products on a 0% interest payment plan.


Tecassured MERGE by Tecassured

Increase your aftermarket product sales with TecAssured MERGE! Our desktop quoting
tool compares plans and pricing from ALL of your providers in real-time and completes multi-product sales in a single transaction with integrated financing and DMS look up.


Your Dealer Exchange by StrategicDX

Data connector.

Gravity Lending 1.jpg

Wildfire by Gravity Lending

Auto loan origination.


WeFiGo by Wefigo, LLC

VSC provider.

The Zero Plan.jpg

Zero Plan App by Universal Lenders LLC

By creating a Cash Menu with ZERO Plan Payments cash customer menu presentations become a payment sale

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