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Position: Senior Systems Engineer

The Senior Systems Engineer position has a heavy focus on Azure Cloud and will be an integral part of a team responsible for architecting, delivering, and administrating creative, secure, and resilient cloud platforms to deliver our products to our clients. This role will work closely with the Data Services, Software Engineering, and Product Development teams. Such an individual works effectively with different team sizes, of varying background and experience, while actively participating and working towards maximizing the team’s efficiency to meet and often exceed expectations.


  • Partner with product teams to understand business goals and translate them into an appropriate technical solution(s)
  • Gather technical requirements, assess client capabilities, and analyze findings to provide appropriate cloud solution recommendations and adoption strategy
  • Design, build, and automate cost-effective, resilient, and secure cloud-based solutions utilizing VMs, networks, serverless capabilities, security, monitoring, and related activities in an Azure environment
  • Leverage cloud native IaaS and PaaS services in support of product development
  • Understand the governance, security, monitoring, and cost management aspects of the entire ecosystem
  • Participate in 24x7 system support on-call rotation with other team members
  • Be respectful and supportive of fellow team members always encouraging personal growth and knowledge
  • Be teachable as well as willing to educate/mentor others using experience when opportunities arise
  • Accept feedback from your director and others, apply it and work diligently to enhance/improve in the specific areas
  • Demonstrate Core Values, adhere to all company guidelines, and attempt to apply best practices when possible


  • Show up on time and ready to work
  • Bring a positive attitude
  • Be prepared for daily tasks and responsibilities
  • Be respectful of fellow team members
  • Approach every day with a teamwork mindset
  • Always attempt to do more than what is required and provide maximum effort
  • Be willing to learn and to accept coaching and criticism
  • Provide leadership and set example for team

Differentiating factors of this position include but are not limited to the following:

  • Significant experience in a large, hybrid, Azure Windows and Linux environment
  • Experience and/or desire in managing a team, leading projects, or mentoring
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Holds at least one (1) Cloud professional certification and will add one (1) each year of employment
  • Cross-cloud experience with AWS or a strong desire to become proficient with AWS


  • Cloud Architecture (3+ years, Intermediate)
    • Ability to gather technical requirements, assess client capabilities, and analyze findings to provide appropriate cloud solution recommendations and adoption strategy
    • Understand fundamental cloud architecture, security groups, networking fundamentals, serverless, storage, and identity
    • Can propose and implement systems enhancements that will improve the reliability, performance and/or resiliency of the system
    • Experience managing Azure subscriptions and profiles for security and cost optimization
  • Azure Administration & Networking (5+ years Azure; 10+ years On Prem, Advanced)
    • Hold a clear understanding of core Azure services that include, but are not limited to, networking, application services, databases, software, scale-sets, and servers/VM’s
    • Hands-on experience managing Azure PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS services to include Application Service Plans (ASP) and/or Application Service Environments (ASE), Application Gateways, BLOB storage, VM’s, and API services
    • Networking experience with VNET Gateway, Global VNET Peering, and route tables
    • Experience with Azure SQL Database
  • Dev Ops / Automation (3+ years, Intermediate)
    • Fluent in scripting languages PowerShell or Azure CLI
    • Experience with Infrastructure as Code/Service (IaaS) using ARM Templates or Terraform
    • Demonstrated proficiency in cloud automation. Azure DevOps is strongly desired
  • Security (5+ years, Advanced)
    • Proficient with Azure Security Center
    • Deep understanding of core security concepts and processes as it relates to securing Cloud technologies (i.e., ISO, NIST)
    • Experience developing policy scripts to enforce and validate required corporate controls and configurations for cloud services
  • Monitoring (5+ years, Advanced)
    • Experience using Azure Monitor and Application Insights
    • Ability to use Log Analytics in the Azure portal to write Azure Monitor log queries
    • Knowledge of other network and performance monitoring tools (Splunk, Dynatrace)
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