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Position: Software Engineer

The Software Engineer position can implement specific solutions using available programming languages and tools that deliver robust, reliable applications and services to both internal and external users. This includes the responsibility to actively seek proper interpretation of business/user requirements to deliver on expectations for every project cycle. Such an individual works effectively with different team sizes of varying background and experience while actively participating and working towards maximizing the team’s efficiency to meet and often exceed expectations.


  • Show up on time and ready to work.
  • Bring a positive attitude.
  • Be prepared for daily tasks and responsibilities.
  • Be respectful of fellow team members.
  • Approach every day with a teamwork mindset.
  • Always attempt to do more than what is required and provide maximum effort.
  • Be willing to learn and to accept coaching and criticism.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Ability to engage in appropriate civil, resource-sensitive debate on important/complex topics with the understanding final decisions rest with the responsible team/project/management leader.
  • Continuous learning/improvement of the languages/tools/processes in use throughout environments from development to production
  • Coordinate development efforts with priorities established by the team/project/management leaders
  • Take an ownership approach to writing and reviewing code as well as appropriate level of testing/documentation
  • Actively participate in the code review process
  • Address production issues with urgency/consideration especially when customers are experiencing problems
  • Share knowledge with other team members, and document processes to ensure we have multiple team members able to perform all critical tasks
  • Ability to efficiently troubleshoot production issues affecting our applications/customers and communicates with management as well as affected groups to facilitate timely resolution.
  • Be respectful and supportive of fellow team members always encouraging personal growth and knowledge
  • Be teachable as well as willing to educate others using experience when opportunities arise
  • Accept feedback from your manager(s), apply it and work diligently to enhance/improve in the specific areas
  • Adhere to all company guidelines and attempt to apply best practices when possible

Experience, Requirements, and Qualifications

  • Object Oriented Programming | 3+ yrs / Intermediate
  • Backend .NET/PHP/etc | 2+ yrs / Novice
  • Overall Web Apps Experience | 2+ yrs / Novice
  • Consuming Web Services | Intermediate
  • Developing Web Services | Intermediate
  • SQL | Intermediate
  • Git | Novice
  • CSS | Intermediate
  • Javascript | Intermediate

Bonus Candidate Skills/Experience

  • Cloud Services (AWS/Azure) | Novice
  • SASS/LESS | Novice


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