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GAP Claims Portal

By StoneEagle

About GAP Claims Portal

GAP Claims made easy with our new consumer-facing portal. Includes access to contract/claims API

After hearing about the many struggles that product providers have with efficiently handling the collection and management of GAP Claim documents, we developed this portal to simplify the whole experience.

With StoneEagle's GAP Claims Portal, you get a self-service experience allowing you to share, or even completely hand over, the responsibility of document submission to the leinholder and/or contract holder.

Simple, browser-based interface with no need for platform-specific apps


  •     Empowers your customers throughout the claim process

  •     Ensures clear communication of all document needs on the first try

  •     Branded to match your company's assets for a consistent user experience

  •     Compatible with all major StoneEagle administration platforms

  •     Flexible pricing model provides benefits to all TPA's, regardless of claim volume

If you want to save time and resources on document collection while providing your customers with a better experience, this is the most effective option on the market today.

Complete the following and get started with the GAP Claims Portal

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Tackle integration

Our team will demo, test, and certify the integration with you to make sure everything meets your needs

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