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2024 Virtual
User Conference

We’re back! Let’s talk product administration and more!

April 29th & 30th | Monday: 8a-5p | Tuesday: 8a-11a



The StoneEagle User Conference has moved to a virtual venue! Registrations are now open! Sign up today to reserve your spot and join us the toneEagle User Conference.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Interested in sponsoring the StoneEagle User Conference 2024? We’d love to talk! Click "Become a Sponsor" and fill out the form and one of our representatives will be in touch to discuss available options.

Potential sponsorship opportunities include:

Silver | $1,000

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Gain prominent exposure for your company and featured products with your company and product information included in our presentation deck, marketing materials, and pre-show social media posts.

Gold | $2,500

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Enjoy extensive brand exposure for your company and featured products with your company and product information included in our presentation deck, marketing materials, and pre-show social media posts. Additionally, benefit from a dedicated sponsor landing page featuring your branded content and a slot for a 5-minute session in our main session.

Platinum | $10,000

Limited Availability

Elevate Your Presence to New Heights!

As a Platinum Sponsor, you'll enjoy unparalleled visibility and engagement opportunities at the conference. In addition to a 15-minute speaking slot to showcase your expertise and offerings, we're thrilled to introduce a unique and memorable touch: the sponsorship of custom Yeti tumblers for each attendee.

Why Choose Platinum?

  1. Showcase Your Expertise: Take advantage of a dedicated 15-minute speaking slot to captivate the audience with your insights and solutions.

  2. Unmatched Brand Exposure: Your company will be prominently featured throughout the conference, amplifying your brand's reach and recognition.

  3. Exclusive Attendee Gift: Sponsor custom Yeti tumblers, a practical and high-quality gift that attendees will appreciate. These tumblers will be delivered directly to each attendee, creating a lasting impression of your brand.

  4. Enhanced Engagement: Stand out from the crowd by providing attendees with a memorable experience that goes beyond traditional sponsorship benefits.

If you have any questions, please contact our marketing team at


We’re currently in the process of finalizing the conference agenda. Check back for more information in the future!

Day 1:

Roadmap Recap: Navigating Success in Automotive Warranty Strategies - A Year In Review
Join us for a comprehensive review of our enterprise systems roadmap over the past year. In this session, we’ll reflect on the goals and milestones set in the roadmap, examine what was achieved, and discuss valuable opportunities for future enhancements from you! This retrospective analysis will not only celebrate achievements but also lay the foundation for informed decisions in shaping the future roadmap.

Driving Forward: Unveiling the Roadmap for the Future
Embark on a future-forward journey as we unveil this year’s roadmap and areas of focus. In this session, we will outline the strategic initiatives, technologies, and key objectives that define the upcoming year. Join us as we review insights around anticipated challenges and opportunities in the market that have helped shape our plan.

Optimizing Automotive Warranty Services Through Data Strategy & Accessibility
As an administrator, data is one of your most critical assess. Join us in reviewing StoneEagle’s future data strategy to support customers in unlocking the power of their data. Delve into the intricacies of crafting a robust data strategy that serves to drive informed decision-making & enhances an administrators overall operational efficiency. This session will apprise you with the knowledge of how StoneEagle intends to support its customers by empowering them with data as a strategic asset and ultimately elevate their effectiveness.

Collaboration & Partnerships in the Warranty Ecosystem
Discover the transformative impact of API interconnectivity with external partners in the protection plan ecosystem. Review the nuances of creating a dynamic and interconnected environment through APIs while still protecting data and IP. In this session, StoneEagle will explore it’s future vision and strategy for interconnectivity and how we are meeting the needs of the market. From streamlined processes to enhances services, join us as we unravel the vision in shaping a more interconnected customer-centric future for protection plan & warranty solutions.

Technological Innovations in Warranty Management
Dive into the forefront of technological advancements reshaping the landscape of the product protection industry. This topic will spotlight cutting edge innovations from AI-driven claims processing to analytics & monitoring. Explore how these technologies can streamline operations, reduce costs, and elevate customer experiences. Gain insights into the technologies that are revolutionizing markets and how you can leverage these tools to stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape.

Hot Topics Breakout
In this interactive session, participants will have the opportunity to engage in focused discussions. Join your peers and colleagues to explore and share insights on the hottest topics impacting the industry. From emerging trends & challenges to innovative solutions, these intimate discussions aim to facilitate meaningful conversations, providing a platform for collaborative problem-solving & exchange of valuable experiences.  Seize the chance to connect with industry professionals, gain diverse perspective, and address the pressing issues shaping our industry.

Breakout /Open Session
Founded in 1987, StoneEagle has had the privilege of delivering many quality products in the industry; therefore, we want to give our customers the opportunity to have specific breakouts regarding the specific product they utilize. Join a focused breakout group to dive into product specific updates and insights. An open forum, customers are encouraged to bring specific topics they would like to discuss and review during this time. Whether it’s software, services, questions, or innovative solutions, this session offers a dedicated space for customers to connect & collaborate.



Day 2:

Industry Insights & Analytics

The automotive F&I industry is going through a period of tremendous change, thanks to shifting consumer preferences, new legislation, new technology, and unpredictable economic challenges. Using our industry-spanning data pool, StoneEagle's Industry Insights & Analytics offer perspective that can help turn the challenges into opportunities.

StoneEagle & Pencilwrench Retail Solutions

StoneEagle & Pencilwrench serve thousands of dealers throughout the United States through our industry-leading retail offerings. Take some time to sit down with our team and learn what we provide, how we deliver results, and what to look forward to in the near term as we continue to cover new ground.

More Coming Soon...


Attending the conference and have a topic you’re especially interested in? Let your Account Manager know what’s on your mind and we will do our best to accommodate.

StoneEagle 2024 User Conference



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